If you don’t want people to know – don’t put it on the internet.

The era of fully fledged quantum computers threatens to destroy internet security as we know it. Researchers are in a race against time to prepare new cryptographic techniques before the arrival of quantum computers, as cryptographers Tanja Lange (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands) and Daniel J. Bernstein (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA) describe today in the journal Nature. In their publication they analyze the options available for this so-called post-quantum cryptography.

Who are these people?

For those gathered outside the Union Square Barnes & Noble Tuesday morning, the book signing wasn’t just a chance to meet Clinton. It was a demonstration of enthusiastic persistence by a broken and discouraged people. By shaking hands, taking photographs with babies, and accepting hand-written notes with the promise of an email back, Clinton played therapist, telling her supporters that “everything will be alright” and prescribing them a book that promises to ease their pain. But is What Happened anything more than a narcotic?

Beats working.

Crime pays—around $900 a week

… Holly Nguyen, a criminologist from University of Pennsylvania is “cautiously optimistic” that she and her collaborator, Thomas Loughran of the University of Maryland, have designed a study to produce a fairly accurate estimation of a low-level criminal’s average weekly income. In a paper published last week in the journal Criminology, the researchers compared the findings of two previous surveys that collected self-reported illegal earnings. After developing a system to account for inflated outliers, Nguyen and Loughran found that low-level criminals, that commit nonviolent crimes like selling drugs, robbery, burglary, and check forging, pull in $900 a week on average. …

Probably a good idea.

Indians are celebrating the country’s biggest tax reform by naming their babies after it

… In the Patels’ case, it was an inspiration to demonstrate their lack of gender bias. “GST is one nation, one tax and is uniform. Similarly both female and male child are equal. The parents also chose GST as names for this particular reason as they were happy having girls in their family,” explained Dr Sweta Patel who works at Surat’s Female First hospital where the triplets were born.

Now that is truly welcome. India is notorious for its preference for the male child. Often seen as a burden and rarely considered as financial contributors, girls in India are given to being mistreated—many are even killed in the womb. This has skewed India’s sex ratio so much that it is now one of the worst in the world. …

… because voting in some parts of the world is always so messy.

Voters in Madagascar lined up early on Wednesday to vote “yes” or “no” on a new constitution that calls for keeping a coup leader in power indefinitely.

A holiday was called for the vote and streets in the capital were calm on Wednesday morning. Police vehicles cruised after minor violence was reported overnight. A fire was set at the offices of a party close to the coup leader, Andry Rajoelina. No one was injured and police have not said what they believe to be the motive.

Rajoelina’s opponents have called for a protest at midday, but such demonstrations are banned and it was unclear whether it would be held.

I wouldn’t sell her life insurance.

Rep. Franks Predicts Awans Will Get Immunity For “Significant, Disturbing Story” About Wasserman Schultz

Last week the Washington Examiner reported that Hina Alvi, the wife of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s now-infamous former IT staffer Imran Awan, had struck a deal with federal prosecutors to return to the U.S. where she currently faces charges of conspiracy and bank fraud. The deal with prosecutors mandates a return to the U.S. during the “last week of September 2017” and is structured so that she will not be arrested in front of her children.

Now, if you’re the cynical type, then it might have struck you as somewhat odd that Alvi would agree to return from Pakistan, the place to which she successfully fled specifically to avoid the charges she now seems to be embracing.

Video at the link.

Is this really a problem?

U.S. job openings jumped to a record high in June, outpacing hiring, the latest indication that companies are having trouble finding qualified workers.

The monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, or JOLTS, released by the Labor Department on Tuesday also underscored labor market strength that will likely encourage the Federal Reserve to continue tightening monetary policy despite benign inflation and concerns about consumer spending.