What if they started dressing as ‘evil superman’?

The clown costumes are not the problem.

French town bans clown costumes after terror wave

So easy to criticize.

EU migrants: Reduced Mediterranean mission set to goThe EU is set to begin maritime patrols in the Mediterranean on Saturday in a new operation to help Italy stem the flow of migrants from North Africa.

Italy is ending its bigger “Mare Nostrum” operation off Libya. It began in 2013 after more than 300 migrants drowned off an Italian island.

Operation Triton, based in Italian waters, will have only one-third the budget of Mare Nostrum.

This year has seen a surge of migrants risking their lives to reach Italy. …

… ‘Italy did its duty’

“Mare Nostrum was conceived as a limited, emergency operation after the Lampedusa [island] tragedy, and it went on longer than expected,” Italy’s Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said on Friday. “Today we can say Italy did its duty.”

At least 3,000 migrants have drowned trying to reach Europe this year. Italy has rescued about 150,000 in its Mare Nostrum operation.

Triton’s monthly budget will be 2.9m euros (£2.3m; $3.7m), whereas Italy spent 9.5m a month on Mare Nostrum, Mr Alfano said.

Yeah – well Halloween is supposed to be scary.

I see debt people: 10 scary economic charts for Halloween

Assassination changes things.

The political establishment has responded to the shooting of Yehuda Glick in Jerusalem. Chairman of the Bayit Ha-Yehudi Party Naftali Bennett stated: “Something has happened in Israel. The assassination in the heart of Jerusalem of a public activist is a red line that was crossed. I call on the Prime Minister to restore the sovereignty of Israel to its capital city.”

MK Moshe Feiglin, who had attended the conference, told Israel’s Channel 2 News, “When I heard, I wanted to go back in order to say what it was. I waited until an Arab terrorist on his motorcycle appeared with a helmet on his head. I spoke with Yehuda when he was fired at with at least two shots. This is not surprising because of the incitement. The Muslim organizations were actively harassing him as they marked him as the leader on the Temple Mount issue and therefore he was grabbed. This scenario is expected and it did not stop.”

Private enterprise saves the day.

Overwhelmed by speculators trying to cash-in on a prized medicinal fungus known as Himalayan Viagra, two isolated Tibetan communities have managed to do at the local level what world leaders often fail to do on a global scale — implement a successful system for the sustainable harvest of a precious natural resource, suggests new research. …

… There’s this mistaken notion that indigenous people are incapable of solving complicated problems on their own, but these communities show that people can be incredibly resourceful when it’s necessary to preserve their livelihoods,” said study co-author Geoff Childs, PhD, associate professor of anthropology in Arts & Sciences.

Geez …

US Lawmen Allowed Drug Cartels’ Grenade Trafficker to Move Freely, Report Finds

A long-awaited report from the Department of Justice’s inspector general sharply criticizes U.S. law enforcement officials for allowing a grenade trafficker for vicious Mexican drug cartels to operate unfettered, endangering public safety.

The Office of the Inspector General calls the federal operation “poorly conceived and executed” and “particularly irresponsible” because of information agents had about a dangerous suspect.

I’m guessing that it’s because his family met with the President.

Why hasn’t Army’s report on Bowe Bergdahl been released?

Day by Day

Too much money.

Graphene – pretty cool.

Good idea.

New solar power material converts 90 percent of captured light into heat

Keep in mind that almost all of these kinds of ideas never make it to the market.

Experiencing ‘the Brig’.

One of the two leaders of the cyber criminal group known as Team Digi7al was last week sentenced to two years in federal prison for his role in breaking into the computer systems of a pretty random mix of targets.

Those targets include Toronto police, national security sites, and a Defense Department agency responsible for maps, among over 50 public and private organisations.

Prosecutors had accused the team of being anti-government cyber crooks, but their real motives seemed to boil down more to boredom and the need to show off. …

… During that time, Knight was an active-duty enlisted member of the US Navy aboard the USS Harry S. Truman.

Part 4

Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim – Part 4

This morning’s JPost.



The lonely Kurds

On this day in history.

On this day in 1858, the first store opens in a small frontier town in Colorado Territory that a month later will take the name of Denver in a shameless ploy to curry favor with Kansas Territorial Governor James W. Denver.

Well – a number of them are going to be looking for another job.

House Democratic leaders, less than a week before the midterm elections, are naming and shaming members for not hitting targets for donating money to their party.

In a conference call with the caucus on Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Steve Israel (N.Y.), head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), urged rank-and-file members to dig deeper into their war chests for the sake of defending their most threatened colleagues.

The DCCC let it be known that only 77 of 199 House Democrats — 39 percent — are on target to meet their expected level of giving for the election cycle by the end of the month.

I didn’t have the chance to see this last night.

KC posts seven-run second, while rookie blanks Giants for seven

Not beyond the margin of fraud.

Colorado Governor: Beauprez (R) 49%, Hickenlooper (D) 47%

Arrests in the UK.

London police made three arrests last week in connection with the theft of up to £1.6 million ($2.58 million) from over 50 ATMs in cities across the UK.

The crimes took place over this year’s May Day holiday weekend (3 – 5 May) and hit 51 cash machines in multiple areas, including Brighton, Portsmouth and London in the south and Blackpool, Doncaster, Liverpool and Sheffield in the north of England.

The question is not if he’s liberal – it’s is he liberal enouth.

… I am, of course, unsure whether Maher has reflected upon the incident at all. But if he has not, perhaps he will be pushed into doing so now? “Sooner or later,” Freddie deBoer predicted, in an essay that I cannot recommend with enough vigor, the social-justice police are “going to come for people you do like.” And so, at last, they have. Per the Daily Californian, students at UC Berkeley who were informed this week that Maher was to be their commencement speaker have “sprung” into action and demanded vehemently that the invitation be rescinded.

Pathetic Privilege – Somehow she missed out on a personal trainer.

Lena Dunham is fond of lists. Here is a list of things in Lena Dunham’s life that do not strike Lena Dunham as being unusual: growing up in a $6.25 million Tribeca apartment; attending a selection of elite private schools; renting a home in Hollywood Hills well before having anything quite resembling a job and complaining that the home is insufficiently “chic”; the habitual education of the men in her family at Andover; the services of a string of foreign nannies; being referred to a homework therapist when she refused to do her homework and being referred to a relationship therapist when she fought with her mother; constant visits to homeopathic doctors, and visits to child psychologists three times a week; having a summer home on a lake in Connecticut, and complaining about it; writing a “voice of her generation” memoir in which ordinary life events among members of her generation, such as making student-loan payments or worrying about the rent or health insurance, never come up; making casual trips to Malibu; her grandparents’ having taken seven-week trips to Europe during her mother’s childhood; spending a summer at a camp at which the costs can total almost as much as the median American family’s annual rent; being histrionically miserable at said camp and demanding to be brought home early; demanding to be sent back to the same expensive camp the next year.

“I think I may be the voice of my generation.” So says Lena Dunham in the role of her alter ego, Hannah Horvath, in the first episode of Girls,

This would be a tough way to start.

Many Democrats in the first-in-the-nation caucus state who rejected Hillary Clinton seven years ago say they’re keeping their options open and aren’t quite ready to crown the former secretary of State in 2016.

I don’t question the organization, but I do question the methods.

The Students for Justice in Palestine on college campuses across the United States systematically violates the free speech and assembly of Jewish college students, which is supposed to be protected under US law. At the same time, they promote violence and terrorism.

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