How could we not learn this lesson?

Subprime Bonds Are Back With Different Name Seven Years After U.S. Crisis

The business of bundling riskier U.S. mortgages into bonds without government backing is gearing up for a comeback. Just don’t call it subprime.

Graphene – This should help.

One of the major reasons that solar panels are facing such hurdles to replace conventional electricity sources is because they are very inefficient. The most efficient (and most expensive) panel is currently somewhere around 32 percent efficiency. However, scientists in Switzerland have figured out a way to utilize Graphene in solar panel design, raising its efficiency to an absolutely staggering 60% – a finally feasible amount.

Arrests in Alexandria.

As part of continued efforts to confront crimes of violence that are committed by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group to obstruct public utilities and intimidate Egyptians, the Interior Ministry’s security agency managed to stand up to all attempts by the terrorist elements to spread chaos and instability through planting explosive charges in several areas and shooting fire during rallies that were organized in several districts in Cairo and Alexandria. Several elements of those terrorists were arrested red-handed with weapons. They were referred to public prosecution

Deaths in Israel

Two IDF soldiers were killed and seven were injured in a multi-pronged attack carried out by Hezbollah from Lebanon on Wednesday.

IDF Spokesman Brig-Gen. Moti Almoz described two incidents that unfolded. In the first, an anti-tank missile fired from southern Lebanon struck an IDF vehicle traveling with other military vehicles, resulting in a number of injures among IDF soldiers. Almoz ruled out the possibility of a kidnapping.

The IDF said that two soldiers were killed and seven soldiers were lightly-to-moderately injured in the strike.

How about introducing a bill that would actually secure the border?

Speaker John A. Boehner told his House GOP colleagues Tuesday morning that a judge could be the only thing that can stop President Obama’s deportation amnesties, in comments that signaled just how little power Republican leaders believe they have to push back against the White House’s executive actions.

Mr. Boehner suggested that the House itself could also end up joining the legal battle against Mr. Obama’s immigration moves, further escalating tensions between congressional Republicans and the White House after last year’s lawsuit challenging the legality of the president’s executive actions on Obamacare.

Maybe it was just the ‘fashion police’?

Swedish Reporter Wearing Yarmulke Attacked in Malmo

A reporter wearing a kippah, a Jewish skullcap, was attacked in the Swedish city of Malmo in an experiment to gage anti-Jewish attitudes, according to an Expressen report highlighted by Algemeiner. Peter Lindgren, who is not Jewish, walked through Malmo with a hidden camera and was subjected to direct threats by various individuals.

In a documentary which aired on Sweden’s national television last week, one man is seen calling Lindgren a “Jewish s***” and told him to “leave,” while another physically assaulted him and shouted “Satan Jew.”

… and some regular spying …

In a Cold War-style spy scenario that replaces communist ideology with capitalist growth, the FBI arrested a Russian man on suspicion of posing as a Russian banker in order to dupe Americans into providing the Kremlin with intelligence on U.S. banks, possible sanctions and the energy industry.

Counterintelligence agents arrested Evgeny Buryakov, 39, also known as “Zhenya,” on Monday on charges of spying and attempting to recruit spies on U.S. soil — including using media outlets and reporters — as part of his work for SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence agency.

Two other Russian officials — Igor Sporyshev and Victor Podobnyy — were indicted Monday, but they have not been arrested and are not believed to be in the U.S.

Conviction for leaking CIA secrets.

Jeffrey Sterling, ex-CIA officer, convicted of leaking secrets to reporter

A former CIA officer was convicted Monday of leaking classified details of an operation to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions to a New York Times reporter.

Jurors convicted 47-year-old Jeffrey Sterling, of O’Fallon, Missouri, of all nine counts he faced in federal court. On the third day of deliberations, the jurors had told the judge that they could not reach a unanimous verdict. But they delivered guilty verdicts later in the afternoon after the judge urged them to keep talking.

Mostly free?

The United States continues to be only the 12th-freest economy, seemingly stuck in the ranks of the “mostly free,” trailing such comparable economies as Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland. Although the downward spiral in U.S. economic freedom since 2008 has come to a halt with modest gains in six of the 10 economic freedoms, the 1.6-point decline in overall economic freedom over the past five years reflects broad-based deteriorations in key policy areas. Increased tax and regulatory burdens, aggravated by favoritism toward entrenched interests, have undercut America’s historically dynamic entrepreneurial growth. As Americans more than ever look to their future with growing frustration, 2015 should be the year of action to put America back on the path to freedom and revitalize its entrepreneurial pulse.

2 rockets from Syria hit Israel – IDF responded

Initial reports were received that an alarm went off at 12:52 in the northern part of the Golan Heights, as rocket launches from Syria towards Israel were detected. The IDF confirmed two landings – in a kibbutz in the northern Golan Heights and in Mt. Hermon –with no reported injuries or damages. The IDF is returning fire towards the place of launch.

But it’s worked so well here.

Printing money won’t save Europe

The European Central Bank has announced a 60 billion euro ($69 billion) monthly government bond buying program — quantitative easing — but that won’t do much for the moribund continental economy.

Central banks can print money to purchase government bonds to push up prices and lower interest rates on those assets and competing debt, such as corporate bonds and bank loans. In the United States, the Federal Reserve also bought billions in federally-sponsored mortgage-backed securities, such as those issued by Fannie Mae.

Bill and Hillary’s home.

Now they’re fighting the feds over a plan to build low-income housing in some of the nation’s ritziest neighborhoods.

“If anybody could go back to 1976, they should say, ‘Run!’ That is the message we send to other municipalities around the country,” said George Oros, chief of staff to Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino. …

… But Astorino and other county leaders have since decided they don’t want HUD or its money. They’re ignoring increasingly hostile letters from the federal government, including threats of legal action. Westchester’s Oros says the red tape, the crazy government formulas for determining diversity — all of it is too much.

“What can they do to us?” shrugged Oros. “We said, ‘Keep your money, we don’t want it anymore.’ They are frustrated that we want them to keep the money. We don’t need it, we don’t want it.”

Don’t nobody know how to play this game?

Trouble in GOP ranks kills votes on border and abortion bills

Warm enough to feel like spring.

Obama’s Fed Board Appointee Was Previously Busted, And Quit, For “Impropriety”

esterday, to much fanfare, the White House blasted that it was Obama’s desire to appoint Allan R. Landon, a Hawaiian community banker, to serve on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. To wit: “President Obama said, “Allan Landon has the proven experience, judgment and deep knowledge of the financial system to serve at the Federal Reserve during this important time for our economy. He brings decades of leadership and expertise from various roles, particularly as a community banker. I’m confident that he will serve our country well.”

Apparently what he also brings as Bloomberg’s (formerly of Dow Jones) Dawn Kopecki reminds us, is the usual near-criminal cronyism and corruption that we have all grown to love and expect from every single Fed governor in recent history.

Graphene – another good idea.

New GS7 Sensor could well be the solution, already being touted as the only choice we have in the fight against cancer.

Deaths in Egypt.

Just a day after an unarmed female protester was killed, at least 18 more people have been killed in protests marking the fourth anniversary of Hosni Mubarak’s ouster in Egypt on Sunday, officials said. One police officer was killed during protests in Cairo while dozens were injured in both Cairo and Alexandria, according to the Interior Ministry. Two militants were also killed while allegedly trying to plant an explosive device in the Nile Delta, police said.

Are the Philippines coming apart?

Muslim rebels kill 43 Philippine police commandos in hunt for terror suspect

Evidently they didn’t think that it was ‘Freedom of the Press’.

Barrett Brown, a journalist with links to the Anonymous hacking collective, has been sentenced to over five years in jail for his role in the hacking of private US intelligence firm Strategic Forecasting Inc. (Stratfor).

Brown originally faced a possible 100 years behind bars until he took a deal in March 2014 that saw him plead guilty to charges of obstruction of justice, being an ‘accessory after the fact’ and making threats to an FBI agent.

The ‘obstruction of justice’ charge related to a March 2012 raid on the house he shared with his mother during which Brown hid a laptop, supposedly to protect his sources.

The authorities then claimed he was an ‘accessory after the fact’ because he helped cause confusion after the Stratfor hack “in a manner that diverted attention away from the hacker” – the hacker being Jeremy Hammond, who himself was sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in the hack, and who was caught partly because of his use of a poor password.

Housing crisis still hurting Blacks.

In the Fairwood subdivision, dreams of black wealth were dashed by the housing crisis

Fairwood is a sprawling 1,800-home subdivision in Prince George’s County built on a former slave plantation that was once owned by the state’s 34th governor, Oden Bowie. It should have been a success story for black Americans.

The decade-old neighborhood is 73 percent black and its residents have a median household income of more than $170,000, according to the census. Some houses there once sold for more than $1 million.

But half the loans on newly constructed homes in Fairwood during the housing boom in 2006 and 2007 wound up in foreclosure — 723 of 1,441 so far, according to a Washington Post analysis of private and public mortgage data.

Well … you had be fooled for a while there.

Study: 2014’s Employment Boom Almost Entirely Due to the Expiration of Unemployment Benefits Obama Wanted to Renew

That’s the finding of a new NBER working paper from three economists — Marcus Hagedorn, Kurt Mitman, and Iourii Manovskii — who contend that the ending of federally extended unemployment benefits across the country at the end of 2013 explains much of the labor-market boom in 2014.

An important lesson in the making.

In Greece, the far-left Syriza party has won a stunning victory. …

… They see this as a historic turning point, the moment when they can put a stop to the austerity-through-spending-cuts approach.

And to some degree, they’re right. There’s no question that voters have rewarded a far-left party for its far-left platform. Just consider what Syriza proposes: significant increases in government spending, a rise in the minimum wage and in pensions, and a splurge on entitlements. Most important, Tsipras intends to renegotiate and write off most of Greece’s massive debt obligations.

Unfortunately for Greek voters, the world isn’t that simple. Syriza’s platform is, in fact, delusional.

Arrests in Spain

Four suspected jihadis were arrested Saturday in Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta for allegedly having formed a terror cell and planning to carry out an attack.

Somehow the administration has missed this.

Now, white homeowners are recovering, but black homeowners are not.

Factors include the effects of predatory lending and lagging home prices in minority neighborhoods.

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