I have a well define sense of privacy … but …

… somehow I have not sympathy here.

A convicted child rapist in Northern Ireland is suing both Facebook and a Facebook page administrator, claiming that the admin posted his exact address to a paedophile-monitoring page.

The administrator of the page, “Keeping our kids safe from predators II”, is Joe McCloskey.

Like any large government project …

it will be more expensive – it will be overused – and it will be despised.

Views of Obamacare hold steady again this week, with over half of voters continuing to express an unfavorable opinion of the national health care law and overwhelming majorities still calling for choices in health insurance that the law doesn’t allow.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 42% of Likely U.S. Voters share a favorable view of the health care law, while 52% view it unfavorably. This includes 19% with a Very Favorable opinion and twice as many (37%) with a Very Unfavorable one.

Its different than organizing cabs.

An East London taxi operator ran a Bangladesh terrorist cell recruiting jihadists to join Islamic State’s and al-Qaeda-linked militias in Syria, police in Dhaka have said.
Samiun Rahman, a 24 year old radio-cab controller of Bangladeshi origin, entered the country earlier this year and began targeting local Muslims through the Facebook page of a moderate Islamic television channel, they said. Two of those he allegedly recruited were arrested last week as they prepared to travel to Syria via Turkey posing as religious students.

The Kurds: the largest cultural group without a nation.

In recent weeks, protests have taken place in European and Middle Eastern countries to express support for the wider Kurdish regions and to condemn the actions of the Islamic State (IS) militants.

On Sunday September 28th, the French-Kurdish Friendship Association arranged a protest in support of Kurdish immigrants and French people who support Kurds.

The protest started in Lyon, where a speech was given by the president of French –Kurdish Cultural Center, Shahid Kawlosi. He spoke about the history and political struggle of Kurds and called for Middle Eastern countries to maintain peace and democracy in the region.

Kawlosi thanked western countries on behalf of Kurds that in such a difficult situation they did not abandon Kurdistan, but instead sent military and humanitarian aid to to defend democracy and human rights.

Arrest in Melborne.

23-year-old arrested over alleged terrorism funding

Day by Day

Travel day.


I should have some time later.


The wheel turns.

The White House is bristling at the suggestion that President Obama is becoming more warlike and, therefore, more like his predecessor, George W. Bush.

At the White House press briefing on Friday, reporters asked presidential spokesman Josh Earnest for his reaction to the cover photo of the Economist magazine, which depicts Mr. Obama in the flight suit worn by Mr. Bush during the Iraq war in 2003, with the new caption “Mission Relaunched.”

Ooops .

Democrats’ ‘war on women’ falling flat in Colorado Senate

Boy, who could have predicted this?

Tens of thousands of young families caught crossing the border illegally earlier this year subsequently failed to meet with federal immigration agents, as they were instructed, the Homeland Security Department has acknowledged privately.

An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that about 70 percent of immigrant families the Obama administration had released into the U.S. never showed up weeks later for follow up appointments.

The ICE official made the disclosure in a confidential meeting at its Washington headquarters with immigration advocates participating in a federal working group on detention and enforcement policies. The Associated Press obtained an audio recording of Wednesday’s meeting and separately interviewed participants.

So Miss … Who really wants to control your body?

George Stephanopoulos finally got his way: Republicans are talking about birth control this campaign season. But they’re running, appropriately, to get government out of the birth-control business as much as possible, and to free up access to it for the women who want it.

Senate nominees Cory Gardner (Colorado), Ed Gillespie (Virginia), Mike McFadden (Minnesota), and Thom Tillis (North Carolina), in addition to some Republican House candidates, are calling for the Food and Drug Administration to reclassify a number of hormonal contraceptives as over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, making them accessible without a prescription. They’re not the first Republicans to call for deregulating the market: Former HHS and state health official and governor Bobby Jindal (Louisiana) endorsed the idea in 2012.

Economically unimportant.

Once again, exercise is the answer.

Physical exercise has many beneficial effects on human health, including the protection from stress-induced depression. However, until now the mechanisms that mediate this protective effect have been unknown. In a new study in mice, researchers show that exercise training induces changes in skeletal muscle that can purge the blood of a substance that accumulates during stress, and is harmful to the brain.

Another way to get hydrogen.

At the Laboratory of Photonics and Interfaces at EPFL, led by Michael Grätzel, where scientists invented dye solar cells that mimic photosynthesis in plants, they have also developed methods for generating fuels such as hydrogen through solar water splitting.

Cow farm protest in France.

What might be a cause for an open house with neighbors in the U.S., is under protest in France. A new 1,000 cow farm opened in Northern France, at Drucat in Picardie, about a two-hour drive north of Paris near Belgium. Instead of welcoming the farm to the neighborhood, protestors were blockading trucks, but not employees, demanding that the farm stop at 500 cows.

Most of the time they’re right.

Topless Femen protesters brandishing plastic Kalashnikov rifles marched in Paris on Wednesday urging ‘infidels’ to rise up against the Islamic militants who’ve seized large parts of Syria and Iraq.

NYT noticing the obvious.

Europe’s Anti-Semitism Comes Out of the Shadows

From the immigrant enclaves of the Parisian suburbs to the drizzly bureaucratic city of Brussels to the industrial heartland of Germany, Europe’s old demon returned this summer. “Death to the Jews!” shouted protesters at pro-Palestinian rallies in Belgium and France. “Gas the Jews!” yelled marchers at a similar protest in Germany.

At some point you run out of other peoples money.

France to Provide Aid for Farmers Hit by Falling Revenues

The real question is ‘Who couldn’t’?

Five candidates to replace Holder

A long ways off … but they are out there.

Using the combined power of NASA’s Spitzer, Hubble and Kepler space telescopes, researchers have discovered clear skies and water vapor on a Neptune-size gaseous exoplanet – the smallest planet from which molecules of any kind have been detected.

“This discovery is a significant milepost on the road to eventually analyzing the atmospheric composition of smaller, rocky planets more like Earth,” said John Grunsfeld, assistant administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. “Such achievements are only possible today with the combined capabilities of these unique and powerful observatories.”

IDF moves on kidnappers.

Suspects in kidnap of West Bank teens killed in IDF firefight

Hamas confirms both Marwan Qawasmeh and Amer Abu Aisha killed in shootout at West Bank hideout; Netanyahu praises Shin Bet and IDF for ‘succeeding’ in targeting the kidnappers.

Geez … Who thought of this?

This might be interesting to follow.

Using PLA filament, a small London-based team have managed to achieve the 3D printing of their own Raspberry-Pi-based laptop, with a battery life of six to eight hours and Wi-Fi enabled out of the box. They are offering it to others in the form of a kit that they will bring to Kickstarter. Namely, they will offer a Raspberry Pi- powered laptop kit “you build yourself” called the Pi-Top.

Ataturk lives.

Is your child struggling academically in school? If you lived in Turkey, the state would likely place your child in an Islamic religious school for their secondary education.

Turkey introduced the new measure this semester and many parents are furious. Some families view this as forced religious education that frequently differs from their own values, and are vocally protesting. …

… Since mid-August, a diverse group of students and parents made up of Armenians, Kurds, atheists and moderate Sunnis have launched protests against this practice in several towns in Turkey. One of the groups most angered by this situation is the Alevi minority. There are roughly 12 million members of this religious community in Turkey, which account for about 15% of the Turkish population.

This one’s probably good for all of us.

What exercise program can best fight the ‘epidemic’ of teen obesity? According to a study, by combining aerobic exercise with resistance training. “Obesity is an epidemic among youth,” says one author. “Adolescents who are overweight are typically advised to exercise more, but there is limited evidence on what type of exercise is best in order to lose fat.”

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