Big Brother is watching you.

A newly released document from the FBI sheds a little more light on the government’s controversial policy around the use of zero-day exploits. Though there is still much we don’t know, the question of when the secretive policy was put into place is finally answered: February, 2010.

It wasn’t until last year that the government even admitted to using zero-day exploits for attack purposes. Following that disclosure, the White House then revealed that it had established an Equities process for determining when a zero-day software vulnerability it learns about should be disclosed to a vendor to be fixed or kept secret so that the NSA and other agencies can exploit it for intelligence or law enforcement purposes.

The question was when exactly the policy had been established.

More on the remote RF hack.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University and Israel’s Technion research institute have developed a new palm-sized device that can wirelessly steal data from a nearby laptop based on the radio waves leaked by its processor’s power use. Their spy bug, built for less than $300, is designed to allow anyone to “listen” to the accidental radio emanations of a computer’s electronics from 19 inches away and derive the user’s secret decryption keys, enabling the attacker to read their encrypted communications. And that device, described in a paper they’re presenting at the Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems in September, is both cheaper and more compact than similar attacks from the past—so small, in fact, that the Israeli researchers demonstrated it can fit inside a piece of pita bread.

Israeli Government plans to build 30 km fortified fence on Jordanian border

The government will build a fence along part of the border with Jordan, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday, before a meeting with the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

The new fence will span the 30 km of the border with Jordan northeast of Eilat, to the Timna airport, and will be built entirely on Israeli land, thus not harming Jordan or its national interests, Netanyahu explained.

… other than where to clelbrate?

The Export-Import Bank Expires Tomorrow. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Sentence seems pretty light to me.

A private investigator from Astoria, New York who broke into the email accounts of two prominent critics of the Church of Scientology was sentenced on Friday in federal court to three months in jail.

Eric Saldarriaga pled guilty on 5 March to one count of conspiracy to commit computer hacking.

Besides the jail time – which is half of what the court’s own probation department sought – he’ll also be serving three years of supervised probation and will be fined $1,000 (£635).

Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara has said that Saldarriaga hired hackers to pry open over 60 email accounts, and hand the information over to the private eye.

Helping out.

I run across lots of passwords on the webs. Passwords to bank accounts, Netflix accounts, email accounts – you name it … I wondered what would happen if I just emailed this information to the people who owned it

So he set out searching Pastebin for credentials and after three days amassed a trove of nearly 98,000 email and password combinations.

And then he contacted all of them to tell them the bad news.


WWelcome to the exciting new world of the slippery slope. With the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling this Friday legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states, social liberalism has achieved one of its central goals. A right seemingly unthinkable two decades ago has now been broadly applied to a whole new class of citizens. Following on the rejection of interracial marriage bans in the 20th Century, the Supreme Court decision clearly shows that marriage should be a broadly applicable right—one that forces the government to recognize, as Friday’s decision said, a private couple’s “love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family.”

The question presents itself: Where does the next advance come? The answer is going to make nearly everyone uncomfortable: Now that we’ve defined that love and devotion and family isn’t driven by gender alone, why should it be limited to just two individuals? The most natural advance next for marriage lies in legalized polygamy—yet many of the same people who pressed for marriage equality for gay couples oppose it.

Crappy Days Are Here Again

It’s De Blasio Time, and madmen with machetes are on the loose.

Red line – red carpet … it’s all the same.

Barack Obama, speaking at the White House, May 14 of this year, discussing Syria:

Assad gave up his chemical weapons.

And that’s not speculation on our part. That, in fact, has been confirmed by the organization internationally that is charged with eliminating chemical weapons. The news, today:

U.S. intelligence agencies believe there is a strong possibility the Assad regime will use chemical weapons on a large scale as part of a last-ditch effort to protect key Syrian government strongholds if Islamist fighters and other rebels try to overrun them, U.S. officials said.

Analysts and policy makers have been poring over all available intelligence hoping to determine what types of chemical weapons the regime might be able to deploy and what event or events might trigger their use, according to officials briefed on the matter.

Argentina in 2001-2, Greece today

So there is no doubt that the future looks very bleak for the Greek economy, but there are also good arguments that all this actually might mark the beginning of a Greek economic recovery in the same way the Argentine default and devaluation in January 2002 was the beginning of a sharp recovery in Argentine growth in from 2002 to 2007.

A couple of interesting things on new tech … and… ‘ruptive’.

I’m fascinated on how many liberals find things like Uber, AirBnB and MOOC’s. They don’t realize that this is as close as they will ever get to a free market.

These things are frequently refered to as ‘disruptive innovations’. How can these things be called that when they make your live so much simpler.

Even the NYT has, inadvertently, gotten on board.

Recently the California Labor Commissioner’s Office ruled that one Uber driver was an employee rather than an independent contractor. Uber is appealing the ruling, and it has prevailed in some other states. We don’t yet know how the laws surrounding these services will develop, but the economic efficiencies of institutions like Uber and Airbnb appear to be robust.

Such services are likely to continue to spread. If they do, what else is there to say about their broader implications? In the absence of a lot of systematic data, how might economists think through the effects of these new developments?

J.V. strikes again.

An apparent bomb blast tore through a mosque in Kuwait’s capital during Friday prayers, killing at least 27 people and wounding at least 227 others, state media reported, citing a security official.

ISIS claimed responsibility for what it called a suicide bombing at the Shiite-affiliated Al-Sadiq mosque.

Cell phone video apparently shot in the aftermath at the mosque and posted to social media showed worshipers walking and stumbling through a dust- and rubble-filled interior, many with their white robes splattered with what appeared to be blood.

Is it just me – or has Goldberg gotten better and better?

In my column yesterday I noted that we now live in a world where Bobby Jindal is a fake Indian, but it’s racist to say Elizabeth Warren isn’t a real Indian. It’s okay for the press to mock Ted Cruz for boasting Cuban heritage, but it’s outrageous that Jindal and Nikki Haley aren’t boasting about their heritage enough.

Still a Republican.

2. This may be a long shot, but … are you still a Republican? Statistically, single white women are vastly more likely to be Democrats than are single white men, and I am hoping your change of part has been accompanied by a change of heart! I credit single women and their sane and compassionate politics for having saved the Republic over the last few years. If rabid, grumpy single white men had been the overriding constituency in the last two national elections, I suspect that by now most middle-school science textbooks would have been replaced by the Ten Commandments, and the minimum wage would have been reduced to $2 an hour on the theory that Wal-Mart and McDonald’s already provide their employees a nice warm place to be for eight hours a day. – See more at:

Tunisia …

ISIS extremists have claimed the massacre which left 38 dead was an ‘attack upon the nests of fornication, vice and disbelief in God’ – as they warned ‘worse is to follow’.

The threat accompanied a picture of the man ISIS claim was behind the assault on innocent holidaymakers, who they name as Abu Yahya Qayrawani.

It is thought this is jihadi name of the killer fatally shot by authorities after Friday’s attack, a 23-year-old aviation student called Seifeddine Rezgui, who was armed with an assault rifle and grenades.

The Tunisian Prime Minister said yesterday the ‘majority’ of the fatalities were British, as the number of Britons confirmed dead rose to eight.

Today, Prime Minister David Cameron has said the country needs to prepare itself for the fact that ‘many of those killed’ in the ‘savage’ Tunisian shooting were British, as the first British victim was named as Carly Lovett, 24.

Arrests in Kuwait.

Kuwait has arrested several people on suspicion of involvement in the bombing of a Shia Muslim mosque on Friday that killed 27 people, a security source said on Saturday as the Gulf state marked a day of national mourning and prepared a mass funeral.

Militant group Islamic State claimed responsibility for the bombing, which was the country’s worst militant attack in years and according to the interior ministry also wounded more than 200.
“Numerous arrests of [people] . . . suspected of having ties with the suicide bomber have been made,” said the source.

I smell a server crash here.

Calls for Hillary Clinton to allow a third party to examine her private server grew louder Friday following revelations that she had withheld more than a dozen Benghazi-related emails from the State Department.

“Secretary Clinton’s failure to turn over all Benghazi and Libya documents is the reason why we have been calling for an independent, third party review of her server,” Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, R-Ga., a member of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, told the Washington Examiner.

“Her unusual email arrangement with herself allowed for Secretary Clinton to pick and choose which emails she deemed work related, and now we know that she failed to be honest and forthcoming with those emails to both the Select Committee and the State Department that were subpoenaed,” Westmoreland added.

Opaque to follow ‘the most transparent administration in history’.

Hillary Clinton’s reticence is drowning out her message, which is that she is the cure for the many ailments that afflict the United States during a second Democratic presidential term. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has called her “the most opaque person you’ll ever meet in your life,” but when opacity yields to the necessity of answering questions, here are a few:

You mean that wasn’t the objective?

Lawyers, fear of injury have made playgrounds boring for kids

He’s sponged off the taxpayer long enough.

Sunset of solar subsidies shadows SolarCity

California-based SolarCity’s website proclaims, “Every three minutes, someone switches to SolarCity.”

… Disappearing federal grants and tax breaks to green-energy producers – key to SolarCity’s business model – helped push the company into the red last year. Two federal investigations into SolarCity’s business practices could wreak even more financial havoc if stiff financial penalties are imposed. …

Good idea.

Here is an idea: condoms that change color when they come in contact with STIs. That is the idea from three students in the UK attending the Isaac Newton Academy in Ilford. They developed their idea into a contest entry and they won in the “Healthcare Category” in theTeen Tech Awards. Their concept is called “S.T.EYE.”

Daily Mail and other sites this week reported that the material turns green if in the presence of chlamydia. Yellow indicates herpes. Purple indicates HPV (human papillomavirus) and blue, syphilis.

The three inventors are 13-to-14 year olds. Daanyaal Ali, Chirag Shah, and Muaz Nawaz hoped their invention can help the future of the next generation. Their prize includes cash and a trip to Buckingham Palace.

It never ends.

New Sexual Scandal by UN Peacekeepers in Africa

It wouldn’t take a hack …

New research indicates that the login credentials of government employees have been online for years.

Threat intelligence company Recorded Future just released a bombshell report indicating that these credentials are associated with 47 US government agencies. This data was discovered in plain sight, on what are called paste sites such as Pastebin.

A credential is generally an email address tied with a password. So, this discovery means that a government email and password unit were openly posted by potential hackers.

Read more:

Other female possibilities for the $10 bill.

I chose eight women who were not a part of the original short list for the WomenOn20s campaign,” Kellison said. “What unites the women, even though they lived in different times and addressed various causes, is their passion for improving the conditions of those who faced oppression or inequality.

Knowing well in advance.

Low scores on memory and thinking tests may signal Alzheimer’s 18 years prior to disease

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