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Traveling out of the country. We’re trying to stuff a lot of things into three weeks.

I should have internet access but I may not have a lot of time.

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Good idea.

Researchers at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have created a small scale “hydrogen generator” that uses light and a two-dimensional graphene platform to boost production of the hard-to-make element.

… Argonne’s early-stage generator, composed of many tiny assemblies, is proof that hydrogen can be produced without burning fossil fuels. The scale is small, a little smaller than the diameter of spider silk. Scaling this research up in the future may mean that you could replace the gas in your cars and generators with hydrogen—a greener option, because burning hydrogen fuel emits only water vapor.

Tax protest in France.

French vegetable farmers protesting against falling living standards have set fire to tax and insurance offices in town of Morlaix, in Brittany.

The farmers used tractors and trailers to dump artichokes, cauliflowers and manure in the streets and also smashed windows, police said.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls condemned protesters for preventing firefighters from dealing with the blaze.

The farmers say they cannot cope with falling prices for their products.

China’s war on terrorism.

China’s campaign against separatism and terrorism in its mainly Muslim west has now become an all-out war on conservative Islam, residents here say.

Throughout Ramadan,police intensified a campaign of house-to-house searches, looking for books or clothing that betray “conservative” religious belief among the region’s ethnic Uighurs: women wearing veils were widely detained, and many young men arrested on the slightest pretext, residents say. Students and civil servants were forced to eat instead of fasting, and work or attend classes instead of attending Friday prayers.

What they probably need is more free speech.

Of course an educated populace should also help.

Attorney-General George Brandis said hate preachers were being put on notice and those “who preach terror will face the consequences”.

“Those who encourage others to commit terrorist outrages can be charged with a crime punishable with up to five years’ jail,’’ Mr Brandis said.

… He is regarded as one of the most popular Australian advocates for IS terrorists online, and has endorsed attacks on Western leaders on his Facebook account.

Under new laws, Australia’s spooks will also retain legal immunity if they kill or cause grievous bodily harm to terrorism suspects to protect the lives of bystanders or themselves.

They’re tax exempt? Yet another reason for a consumption tax.

The National Football League might be reeling right now, but lawmakers seeking to strip the league of its tax-exempt status face a tough fight.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who has long been angered by the Washington Redskins team name, is among the lawmakers targeting the NFL as the league tries to recover from its handling of a recent rash of domestic violence and child abuse incidents.

Reid’s teamed up with Sens. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) and Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) to propose taking away the NFL’s tax exemption, for as long as it promotes the Redskins name.

The largest independent group without a country. The Kurds.

The Presided could go a long way with helping. And … and … and it’s a great opportunity for Israel.

More than 60,000 Syrian Kurds fleeing advancing Islamic State jihadists have poured across the border into Turkey since Ankara opened up its southern frontier on Friday, the country’s deputy prime minister said.

“The IS came to our village and threatened everyone,” said the driver. “They bombed our village and destroyed all the houses. They beheaded those who chose to stay.”

Syrian Kurds had been massing since Thursday on the other side of the border as IS extremists seize dozens of villages in a lightning offensive as they close in on the strategic Syrian town of Ain al-Arab, known to the Kurds as Kobane.

So … who’s really listening in.

Continuing a sort of cross-country tour to detect phony cell towers, also known as interceptors or IMSI catchers, researchers associated with the security firm ESD America have detected 15 of the covert devices in Washington D.C., plus three more in nearby Virginia.

The company used their ultrasecure CryptoPhone 500 to search for the interceptors, which can compromise phones through baseband hardware and are believed to have a range of roughly 1 mile. ESD America’s phones allegedly detected telltale signs of call interception in the vicinity of the White House, the Russian Embassy, the Supreme Court, the Department of Commerce, and the Russell Senate Office Building, among other landmark buildings.

Les Goldsmith, ESD America’s CEO, stresses that he can’t be sure who runs these surveillance devices. But he points out that the U.S. government already has the ability to listen to or track calls through domestic networks, thanks to the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA).

“The U.S. government can listen to calls without deploying interceptors on the street,” says Goldsmith. “That’s why I think these are from foreign governments.”


Rep. Cory Gardner doesn’t think Democrats want to deliberately harm the economy. He just thinks their policies are wrong.

The Colorado Republican, giving the weekly Republican address on Saturday, knocked President Obama and Senate Democrats for blocking a package of GOP jobs and energy bills and throwing up too many federal regulations.

But Gardner, who’s running for the Senate in a state Obama carried in 2008 and 2012, was careful not to make his attacks appear too personal.

After all … it is ‘the international sport’.

The international soccer games are coming back to Israel

The rocket fire from Gaza during the summer caused the cancellation of soccer games versus international teams in Israel and the Israeli teams had to host in Cyprus. Today the European soccer league determined it is possible to return and play in Israel because “the situation improved”.

Oh goodie …

… and every year they break my heart.

Colorado Rockies: Goal To Not Lose 100 Games Is On

Phase change materials for a faster computer.

By replacing silicon with phase-change materials, new research shows that computers could be capable of processing information up to 1,000 times faster than currently models.

The present size and speed limitations of computer processors and memory could be overcome by replacing silicon with ‘phase-change materials’ (PCMs), which are capable of reversibly switching between two structural phases with different electrical states – one crystalline and conducting and the other glassy and insulating – in billionths of a second.

Sorry … very late blogging today.


I headed out for a morning hike. Which turned out to be wonderful. Fall in Colorado. Perfect.

But everything after that turned out to be in slow motion. And I have an afternoon obligation about 150 miles away.

Hike picts:





Day by Day

Probably too late.

Putin considers plan to unplug Russia from the internet ‘in an emergency’

… and Ataturk smiles.

This may be larger than we think.

Turkey has allowed thousands of Syrian Kurds fleeing Islamic State (IS) militants to cross its southern border, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said.

TV footage showed exhausted people, mostly women and children, crossing into the south-eastern border village of Dikmetas under tight security.

The move followed clashes with Turkish Kurd protesters who were calling for the refugees to be allowed in.

Syrian Kurds have been massing along the Turkish border since Thursday.

They have been fleeing escalating clashes between IS and Kurdish fighters in the area.

And on it goes.

You can use this site for almost hourly reports. … As scary as that is.

No anesthetic needed.

A sleep-promoting circuit located deep in the primitive brainstem has revealed how we fall into deep sleep.
Discovered by researchers at Harvard School of Medicine and the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, this is only the second “sleep node” identified in the mammalian brain whose activity appears to be both necessary and sufficient to produce deep sleep.

Published online in August in Nature Neuroscience, the study demonstrates that fully half of all of the brain’s sleep-promoting activity originates from the parafacial zone (PZ) in the brainstem. The brainstem is a primordial part of the brain that regulates basic functions necessary for survival, such as breathing, blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature.

“The close association of a sleep center with other regions that are critical for life highlights the evolutionary importance of sleep in the brain,” says Caroline E. Bass, assistant professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology in the UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and a co-author on the paper.

The ‘practical arts’ school. Slideshow.

Oysters eat by pumping water through their body and cleaning it with their gills. A single oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day.

Important news.

A battle is brewing in the beer industry over a new regulation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that spells out the agency’s authority to regulate bodies of water.

Dozens of small craft brewers such as Sierra Nevada and New Belgium are rallying behind the EPA’s proposed Waters of the U.S. rule, arguing it will help ensure that they have clean water for their products.

But farmers who supply beer ingredients such as barley, wheat, and hops, say the rule has the potential to massively cut production on their lands, raising beer prices in the process.

The divide has put trade groups for the beer industry in a tough spot, caught between what one industry lobbyist described as “competing interests.”

Where is Hans Blix when you need him?

Israeli Intelligence Officials: “Syria May Have Significant Chemical Weapons Left”

Israeli intelligence officials told Reuters that Syria has not eradicated all of the chemical weapons they possess. According to them, the use of these weapons against Israel “would finish the game” for Syria.

Home Depot problems

Home Depot breach totals: 56 million credit cards exposed, $62 million in losses

This as opposed to just setting them on fire.

The Islamic State (ISIS) is using social media to lure Western girls to their self-declared “caliphate” in Syria and Iraq for the purpose of procreating with jihadists. Many of the women recruited are from Britain, Australia, and the United States.

Random jihad in Australia.

Police swoop on Sydney, Brisbane homes in terror raids

Scotland thinks it through.

Scotland Rejects Independence From Britain in Historic Vote

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