Back tot he server.

Fifteen Questions Hillary Should Answer Under Oath

… Despite the assertions of Clinton and her allies, Powell never had a private server. He did have a private AOL account, for sending personal messages to friends and loved ones and also to transmit unclassified e-mails to State Department colleagues.

… Alas, a grand total of two classified e-mails wound up on Powell’s AOL account, according to the State Department’s inspector general. This compares to zero, each, for secretaries of state Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice …

1. Among your roughly 55,000 e-mails originally at issue, you claimed that some 30,000 were erased, on your orders, because they were personal. When this scandal first erupted, you said at your March 10, 2015, press conference that these were “e-mails about planning Chelsea’s wedding or my mother’s funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends,” and similar matters. Most people keep such e-mails as records of major family occasions, both joyous and sorrowful. Why would you erase such communications, given their highly sentimental value? …

Geez … ya think?

Campus Reform spoke with young voters who felt that the media has been giving Hillary preferential treatment with the Clinton Foundation.
Nearly every voter said that Trump would be covered differently if he had a foundation under similar scrutiny.

Clinton Ignored FOIA Requests for Years, Hypocritical in Her Transparency Attacks on Trump

CNN’s Inside Politics panel ripped Hillary Clinton for being hypocritical and falling short in transparency on Sunday, saying the latest round of allegations against the Clinton Foundation are her own fault because she ignored Freedom of Information Act requests as secretary of state.

The release of nearly 300 pages of emails after a lawsuit by Judicial Watch has revealed more overlaps and allegations of pay-for-play between the Clinton Foundation and Clinton’s State Department.

“There is a tremendous amount of defensiveness by the Clintons about this,” New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said. “The campaign, their officials sort of walked into this problem that existed before they got there. But if you look at the emails that were released, these were part of FOIA lawsuits.

Yeah – well I have to deal with this mess tomorrow morning at 8:00.

Naming anything after a living politician is usually a bad idea; but this summer, we can make an exception. Now that Americans will be spending much of their vacations waiting in security lines at airports, we should honor the public servants responsible. At the entrance to the security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport, let’s install a large bronze plaque proclaiming it the Senator Charles Schumer Line. Perhaps we could put up a statue, too, or at least a cardboard cutout. Similar monuments can be installed at JFK for Hillary Clinton, at the Phoenix airport for John McCain, and at the home airports of all the other senators who voted to create the Transportation Security Administration.

So spiteful.

British court shuts thousands of party members out of key Labour vote

The ruling deepens the split in the party and disenfranchises almost 130,000 new Labour members. That could be bad news for embattled party leader Jeremy

The ruling deepens the split in the party and disenfranchises almost 130,000 new Labour members. That could be bad news for embattled party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Britain’s opposition Labour Party has the right to prevent tens of thousands of new members from voting in the party’s leadership contest, Britain’s Court of Appeal ruled Friday.

The left-of-center party is in turmoil amid an attempt to unseat leader Jeremy Corbyn. The party’s more centrist members consider the 67-year-old left-winger ineffective and unelectable.

He is facing a challenge from legislator Owen Smith in a leadership election that will be decided by party members and supporters, with the winner declared next month.

Bumps in the road.

Not Mr. Fitch. The owner of a boutique sign business, he already stood out amid the suit-and-tie crowd in his jeans and beaked cap. His concern was that the implementation of NAFTA would flood the United States with cheap imports and shutter local mills. He turned out to be prescient. Shelby lost 40 percent of its factory jobs between 1999 and 2014 and saw the poverty rate rise to double the national average. “Here, these guys were saying how their profits had increased, and I stood up and asked them why they couldn’t see what was in front of their faces: This was going to destroy our town,” recalls Fitch.

Yet today not all is dire. A small renaissance is under way in the area, some of which is tied to globalization. Schletter Inc., the US subsidiary of a German solar-panel manufacturer, has hired 305 people. Longtime furniture company Bernhardt has reopened a facility with 65 jobs. Clearwater Paper Corp. has added 65 positions, while automotive parts maker KSM Castings has taken on 189 new people.

The most transparent administration in history.

40% of CENTCOM Analysts Surveyed ‘Experienced an Attempt to Distort or Suppress Intelligence’

… The task force, the report says, was created “to investigate the allegations of a whistleblower that intelligence produced by U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) had been manipulated to present an unduly positive outlook on CENTCOM’s efforts to train the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and combat the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).” …

The money came from the other vacation home.

Bernie spends $575,000 on vacation home: Can socialists do that?

Supporters and critics of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) of Vermont united Monday when the independent Vermont periodical Seven Days confirmed that Mr. Sanders bought his third home last week, a four-bedroom, beachfront vacation house on Lake Champlain.

People went to Twitter to voice their concerns, many asking how a socialist could spend so extravagantly. The vacation home cost Sanders $575,000. Some worried that their campaign contributions had gone toward the purchase.

Supporters, however, can rest easy knowing that the money came instead from the sale of the Maine family home of Sanders’s wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders.