If you can stomach any more … Where were the men?

Weinstein Scandal Reveals Truth About Hollywood’s Feminism

Where were the ‘strong women’ that everyone talked about?

So you can ‘sleep your way to the top’?

You can speak out if the topic is politics? You can stay quiet and become famous?

And – Dear God … Where were the men? The men we watch trading punches with monsters. (It appears that I’m using the word ‘men’ here very loosely.)

Where were the men? … Is all of Hollywood as spineless as a jellyfish?

Camp hale int he news. I used to hike and ski there a lot.

A pretty good history.

Colorado’s Camp Hale Could Pioneer a New Mode of Land Protection

From November 1942 through June 1944, Camp Hale housed some 15,000 troops, who learned to rock climb, perform military maneuvers on skis, and endure a brutal climate in preparation for mountain warfare in the Second World War. The constant buzz of activity took its toll on the land. When Over arrived in 1942 as a recently enlisted 18-year-old, “the place was a mess,” he remembers. “It was mud from top to bottom.”

I have absolutely no confidence the the Senator proposing the protection. He has a history of screw ups.