It’g going to be an entertaining season.

Sho off! Ohtani hits first career HR

All around him, the fans roared. But in the dugout, he found silence.

radition cedes to no one, not even a 23-year-old rookie sensation. And so, Shohei Ohtani was received with indifference from his Angels teammates after crushing his first career home run in his first at-bat at Angel Stadium during a 13-2 win over the Indians on Tuesday night.

“I didn’t really know about this whole tradition, but I kind of figured it out once I came back to the dugout,” Ohtani said through an interpreter. “Everyone was giving me the silent treatment.”

This is a little scary.

Millennium Tower in San Francisco has sunk 17 inches and tilted 14 inches since it was completed in 2008.

Residents at Millennium Tower, San Francisco’s leaning, sinking skyscraper, are scrambling to sell their multimillion-dollar condos.
Apartment 401, the most expensive condo for sale at Millennium Tower in 2017, has sold for over $1 million under its asking price.
Millennium Tower is safe to occupy, though residents are still leaving.

A little more of this might be healthy.

YouTube prankster sued by In-N-Out Burger

California burger chain In-N-Out Burger is not amused by YouTube prankster Cody Roeder, whose antics have included pretending to be the company’s CEO and telling a customer that their meal was “contaminated” and “garbage.”

Roeder films pranks for his YouTube channel, Troll Munchies. You can see his prior pranks on that channel – the picking up girls/embarrassing Mom prank, “hilarious fart vape pen” and the like – but the In-N-Out videos posted two weeks ago have since been made private, according to the BBC.