What’s it costing the U.S. to continue to support this hypocrisy?


2003: Building Trust
2004: Partnering for Security and Prosperity
2005: Taking Responsibility for Tough Choices
2006: The Creative Imperative
2007: The Shifting Power Equation
2008: The Power of Collaborative Innovation
2009: Shaping the Post-Crisis World
2010: Rethink, Redesign, Rebuild
2011: Shared Norms for the New Reality
2012: The Great Transformation
2013: Resilient Dynamism
2014: The Reshaping of the World
2015: The New Global Context
2016: Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution
2017: Responsive and Responsible Leadership
2018: Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World

Any port in a storm. … A strong defense and a barely opened door.

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea’s offer to send athletes to a North Korean ski resort for joint training ahead of next month’s Olympics risks giving leader Kim Jong Un’s regime legitimacy and some much needed cash, North Korean defectors and experts say.

… Already facing criticism for plans to march under a unity flag and field a combined Korean ice hockey team, the administration of South Korean President Moon Jae-in may come under further pressure if it is seen to be endorsing Kim’s luxury getaway on North Korea’s east coast.

“The idea of joint training could be used as a propaganda tool to rationalize how far-sighted Kim Jong Un was in making what was actually an anachronistic decision to build the ski resort at a time when ordinary citizens are starving to death”, said Kim Sung-han, a former South Korean vice foreign minister. …

I had kind of hoped that they were tough enough to deal with the weather.

But the US team should feel toasty when they march out in their Ralph Lauren gear during the opening ceremony. Inside their red, white, and blue parkas will be an electronic heating system, made of flexible carbon and silver ink printed directly onto the fabric—in the shape of an American flag, of course.

The ink, according to Ralph Lauren, is conductive, and connects to a battery pack that can be set to high, low, or off. At a full charge, it provides five hours of heat on the high setting, and 11 hours on the low. “The heat is immediate—it can be felt as soon as the button is pressed,” the company says. David Lauren, its chief innovation officer, led the project to develop the technology.

A very tough call? … Probably not.

Lawmaker Shares Why She Chose Life for Her Child When Doctors Said She Should Abort

A member of Congress said she chose life for her child even though doctors said she should have an abortion, and is encouraging society to take a chance for life.

“We were told that our unborn baby had zero percent chance of survival, zero,” Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Wash., said during a speech Friday at the March for Life rally. “Our baby would either miscarry, or she would be born unable to breathe because her lungs did not develop, she would literally suffocate upon arrival.”

Herrera Beutler said she was encouraged to have an abortion.

Voting with their feet.

Americans Flocking to Low-Tax States Will Impact Future Elections

It’s good news for red state conservatives, and indirectly, perhaps even for those in blue areas. But it’s news that has many on the right simply nodding their heads: high-tax states are bleeding people and jobs, and more Americans are moving to business-friendly states where taxes are lower. …

… States with high tax burdens like Illinois and California are losing residents, and therefore very well may lose seats in Congress (Illinois may even lose 2). Texas and Florida, on the other hand, stand to continue gaining seats. …

Are they going too far?

A woman arrested at Heathrow with her baby is believed to be the first to return to the UK with a child born under Islamic State in Syria.

The woman, 37, whose identity has not been revealed, arrived on a flight from Addis Ababa and was arrested on suspicion of preparing terrorist acts under section 5 of the Terrorist Act 2006.

It is thought this is the first case of its kind involving a mother and a child born into the Isis regime.

MI5 has previously said around 850 extremists from Britain travelled to the Middle East as Isis took control of pockets of Syria and Iraq.

But as the terror group is pushed out of its former strongholds in Syria and Iraq, many of its militants with British passports are returning home with their families.

Not a lot of interest today.

5″ of fresh snow in Galt’s Gulch. Still coming down. I’ll have to get the plow out later today. Sent the kids and grandkids off to the big mountain early this morning. They’ll be setting first tracks.

I’m guessing that we will be stumbling through this for a couple of years more.

… Speculation about Russian funding of the organization’s backing of Trump Is there a “three strikes and you’re out” law for political narratives? Democrats and their media allies were back at the Collusion Reclamation Project this week. The new and improved version is: The NRA did it.

Hillary Clinton campaign. Facing libel lawsuits, Steele himself has taken the position that his third- and fourth-hand hearsay information was “raw” and “unverified,” passed along to American law enforcement because he thought it should be investigated, not because he was vouching for its truthfulness. His collaborator, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, has similarly offered nothing meaningful in the way of corroboration in testimony before Senate and House investigators. At the moment, the more pressing question about the dossier involves not the contents of its sensational allegations but whether they were used by the Obama Justice Department and FBI in obtaining a FISA-court warrant to spy on Page and the Trump campaign….